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Whether it's becoming a private or professional commerical pilot or flying for your first time, Maverick Aviation has you covered.


Mission:  To Inspire Leaders who Value Themselves, their Teams, and their Loved Ones by Supporting Them in Building Sustainable Solutions to Critical Challenges.

Business Life Coaching Chicago

For individuals

I bring a unique combination of rigorous methodology based on Integral Coaching®, interpersonal skills – communication, intuition, empathy and compassion – and a focus on real world, pragmatic and results-oriented solutions. Through this, I help people become better at what they do. 

"Corporate Trainer" Chicago

For groups

I deliver in-house workshops and seminars specifically tailored to your organization’s and team’s needs.  I bring extensive experience building and leading cohesive teams and influencing at senior levels, an ability to hold the attention of a room and develop influential relationships.

"Eduardo Cisneros" "Executive Coach"

About the coach

I am a Certified Professional Coach with 16 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. I am fascinated by the discipline that it takes for a person to become better.  I help clients to become more aware of their current approach to challenges, to see new possibilities and then build the critical competencies needed to attain their goals in a sustainable manner.

"Key talent" Coaching Chicago


I am certified as an Integral Professional Coach®, using a methodology that integrates a multi-disciplinary approach while taking into account important factors that affect human behavior and performance – including cognitive, emotional, physical awareness, and interpersonal skills to name a few.  I recognize that each client’s developmental needs will be unique, so I get to know my clients deeply and create a customized experience. 

Rigorous Methodology

Focus on What Matters Most

I focus on issues that are important to my clients, their organizations and families.  Whether it is a critical business issue, managing a career or life transition, or increasing communication and collaboration skills among teammates, my coaching services impact the most important aspects of my clients' professional and personal lives.  This is what makes it fun, fulfilling and rewarding for both sides. 

Achieving Lasting Results

This is ultimately about creating competencies that help clients achieve sustainable outcomes over the long-term.  The clients own the work and the results as well.  My job is to draw out the client’s very best, to help them observe what is working, what is missing, and use a rigorous, disciplined approach to develop the critical competencies that they need to be successful in the long term. 

my values

I bring Authenticity, Compassion, Integrity, Fun, and Accountability to the table when I work with you and your team.  I believe in maintaining high standards when working with my clients and my approach aligns with Integral Coaching® as well as the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics. 

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